Network Performance Monitoring

How safe is your network?

What you don’t know about network security will kill your business—it’s just a matter of time.

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Business Continuity

Maintaining Excellence

Could a virus or network attack take down your network today? 70% of the businesses don’t survive a security event.

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Cloud Services

Does all the hype about the Cloud have you stuck in the fog?

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CMMC Compliance Services


What does CMMC mean to me?

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Why Choose Us

The Human Cloud

Servants for your Servers

Process-Based Service

Consistent Customer

Living Contract

We Scale with You

World Class Results

Top-notch Service
without the Expense

Government Contractors

You’re on task. We have your back.

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Professional Services

You get your clients. We get you.

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We protect your client data.

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We Treasure Your Data

Is your data at risk? With news reports announcing security lapses from other companies on a regular basis, you can’t just hope the hackers leave you alone. What can you do to protect your business from the next security threat? Layer up!


Charles H. Jacobs, Jr. President/CEO, Harford Bank

Harford Bank

MNS Group is a critical and much appreciated component in our technology group. Business knowledge, planning and excellent support from MNS Group allow us to focus on the most important part of our business – our customers.