DOES Your Network SOC?

DOES Your Network SOC?

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Posted on Jun 13, 2017

Security Operations Centers (SOC) have long been a staple for cyber protection for large businesses while not being a realistic investment for most small and mid-sized businesses– until now. MNS Group is the first Managed Services Provider (MSP)/ Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) in the United States to partner with Israeli company CYBERBIT to make SOC 3D, available to small (SMB) and medium sized businesses. The timing is right– businesses are under such a variety and barrage of attacks with ever growing complexity and have never needed the advanced capabilities offered in a SOC more. MNS Group has made enterprise security capabilities accessible to all businesses and added it to our own stack of security monitoring practices, moving all our clients into to active defense.

Why didn’t businesses invest in SOC before? A SOC is an information security team that is responsible for monitoring, analyzing and responding to cyber security incidents within an organization. A large investment in the cost of the technology and the skill set of the staff needed to execute the operations were a deterring factor for many businesses. Early versions of SOC were clunky- the mitigation process involved teams of highly skilled staff that needed to work hand in glove with one another throughout the organization, with 37% responding to 10,000 alerts per month, most of which were false positives, costing hundreds of hours a month in time. Investigations were lengthy with all the required coordination between sources and extensive data review- that came on a first come, first review basis- not able to be prioritized by risk. This process was a hectic and reactive that burned-out users, costing businesses profit and the ability to keep safeguard their businesses with any speed.

CYBERBIT’s SOC 3D is the next generation of SOC, and does so much more than previous iterations of the technology; the key difference is the huge time savings. SOC 3D automates and orchestrates data and provides more accurate and actionable high priority alerts by ingesting and analyzing SOC feeds and external feeds in real time so that security staff can take action faster. SOC 3D’s real-time monitoring looks at mission critical business process and prioritizes them based on business risk.

Users of the system can easily manage security across the entire organization at once- with all the data in one place, a “single pane of glass” – a dashboard, instead of multiple application windows or ticketing silos to coordinate. This provides a clear picture of everything that is going on related to any alerts with granular, at-the-moment data. Fewer staff are able to do more, faster, without needing to master a plethora of tools. Importantly, the analytics provide measurable results that enable continuous improvement, so it will be easy to recognize how much more secure the organization is over time to personnel at any level.

“CYBERBIT 3D is efficient and business driven: it allows businesses to focus on what matters the most to them- bringing the business aspect into security,” says MNS Group CEO Toby Musser “As a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) we are thrilled to be the first in the United States to offer this world class tool.”