HIPAA Consulting Services

HIPAA Consulting Services

Find out where “gaps” in HIPAA compliance are before you are audited, before you experience a breach, and before your patients, clients, or customers file a complaint with the Department of Health and Human Services.  MNS Group’s compliance team assist you in meeting Federal HIPAA regulations in a reasonable, appropriate and cost-effective manner. 

The experts at MNS Group can help

HIPAA Gap Analysis– A detailed vulnerability assessment of your network, polices and procedures versus required HIPAA guidelines

Compliance Roadmap-  Develop a plan to guide, track and document the path to HIPAA readiness

Remediation-  Remediate security risk and deficiencies uncovered in the Gap Analysis

Continuous Monitoring & Maintenance-  Ongoing cybersecurity monitoring and incident response to ensure ongoing HIPAA compliance.

Benefits of MNS Group’s HIPAA Compliance Services

  • Risk Prioritized
  • Path Forward Defined
  • Issues Corrected
  • Compliance assured on an ongoing basis

Where to start?

Often a 20-minute conversation with one of our experts will yield more useful results than hours of online research.  We are happy to listen and point you in the right direction. 

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