Managed IT and Network Services

Managed IT and Network Services

MNS Group: IT Managed Services Provider

MNS Group is a team of technology experts who are always available to provide the outsourced IT services your company needs. Looking for customized security solutions to secure your network? We can provide that. Hoping to supplement your in-house staff? We can take care of your company’s entire IT operations, providing 24-hour monitoring every day of the year. Need help with processes management, technology deployments or mobile application development? We’ve got you covered.

Managed IT Services and the Help Desk — What’s the Difference?

You might be wondering: Aren’t IT managed services just another type of “help desk”?

Think of it like this: We’re always on call like a technical support center, but we offer more than troubleshooting services. We can also take responsibility for regularly maintaining your company’s network systems and for developing technology strategies to help your business thrive. In other words, instead of just answering any questions you have about IT issues or technology deployments, we take an active role in empowering your business through value-added services.

Break-Fix or Future Proof?

You might be used to calling in a technician only when your company has IT trouble. This put-out-the-fire approach is reactive, not proactive. If you rely on a troubleshooter only to fix something when it breaks, then you’re not aware of issues until they become obvious problems. By that point, they could be costly and time-consuming to solve, disrupting your flow of business. We can detect issues and prevent them from becoming problems. We can proactively manage and maintain your company’s whole network with as much dedication as a full-time in-house IT staff.

In effect, managed network services help future-proof your infrastructure. Implement key services to empower IT staff, detect problems and remediate problems immediately and leverage access to IT experts 24/7 — all covered under a “living contact” that grows with your business.

Do I need managed IT when I have an in-house staff?

Having someone on staff solely responsible for maintenance and strategy development is a proactive way to support your company. However, the nature of IT work is that sometimes there’s a lot to do, and other times not as much. But you still have to cover the salary of that employee, even when there’s less demand. It’s also hard for one person to know everything tech-related, considering how quickly technology changes.

What happens when your IT person gets sick, goes on vacation, or quits? Who covers for him/her? Having a team to manage your company’s network means you’ll always have someone available to help when you need it, and we’re not costing you overhead when you don’t. It’s a more effective way to use your resources.

The Managed IT Services Advantage

Your business relies on technology to be productive and competitive — without the right tech solutions and safeguards in place, you’re losing ground. By partnering with the right MSP company, meanwhile, you get a professional team dedicated to proactively maintaining your company’s IT infrastructure as well as plan for the future.

At MNS Group, we’ve developed a managed mandate that offers all the “standard” IT services, and then goes deeper to provide total IT coverage. For example, we provide:

    • Regular maintenance
    • Regular Security audits
    • Troubleshooting
    • Technical support
    • Strategy development
    • Proactive management
    • Business continuity
    • Process consulting
    • Team of specialists
    • Flexibility and scalability
    • Technology planning
    • 24-hour availability
    • Vendor coordination
    • Network monitoring

Managed services go beyond the help desk, empower local staff and help future-proof your IT environment. Ready to tap the MNS advantage?

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