MNS Group to Cooperate with Cyberbit for SOC 3D Automation and Orchestration Platform

MNS Group to Cooperate with Cyberbit for SOC 3D
Automation and Orchestration Platform

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Posted on Jul 7, 2017


Bel Air, MD – July 07, 2017 – Harford County, Maryland-based MNS Group, a national provider of managed security services and managed service provider announced today their cooperation with Cyberbit to offer enhanced incident response services leveraging Cyberbit’s SOC 3D software for SOC automation, orchestration, and investigation.

MNS Group, as a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) has seen a dramatic increase in the need for advanced SOC solutions for their clients as cyber-attacks continue to grow in number and complexity against businesses of all sizes. Many IT departments and Managed Service Providers rely on monitoring products that are forensic in nature – today real-time data, investigation, and response is a must.

With careful monitoring and analyses, a Security Operations Center (SOC) can detect cyber-attacks or intrusions and allow any incidents to be contained and remediated. Managed Security Services Providers, governments and large organizations operate SOCs, a necessity to defend against cyber-attacks. SOCs are essential for companies that have sensitive data or that need to comply with certain industry or government regulations by monitoring and analyzing the data received, alerting staff who then take action and report.

Through a strategic cooperation with Cyberbit Commercial Solutions, Inc, (“Cyberbit”), a subsidiary of defense systems provider Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: ESLT) MNS Group will provide SOC 3D Services to its security clients as well as offer it for license to organizations who need an advantage against cyber attacks.

“We’re excited that MNS Group has partnered with Cyberbit in the ongoing battle to detect and deter cyber attacks,” said Maryland Commerce Secretary Mike Gill. “This marks Israeli-based Cyberbit’s second partnership with a Maryland cybersecurity company, highlighting our state’s position as the nation’s center of information security.”

“Cyberbit’s SOC 3D does so much more than previous iterations of SOC technologies, and the key difference is the huge time savings. SOC 3D automates and orchestrates incident response playbooks and provides more accurate and actionable high priority alerts in real-time so that staff can act faster. SOC 3D looks at mission critical business processes and prioritizes them based on business risk. Furthermore, it provides real-time investigation of all SOC data so SOC analysts don’t have to go anywhere or use any other tool to look for that data. We are thrilled to be working with Cyberbit.” says MNS Group CEO Toby Musser. “This solution works for businesses to protect their investments and remain profitable in the face of so many threats.”

Cyberbit Ltd., an international company staffed with a formidable team of security professionals, provides a portfolio of enterprise security solutions that empower organizations to protect their data, assets and customers against sophisticated cyber threats.

“We are happy to cooperate with MNS Group to bring our SOC 3D platform to additional US customers and are impressed with their process-based service and scalability. We trust MNS Group to maximize the impact of SOC 3D in the US and help organizations reduce their time to respond to security incidents.” said Stephen Thomas, VP Sales at Cyberbit.

MNS Group is leading the way as a Maryland based business to reinforce Governor Larry Hogan’s statement that Maryland is the Cyber Capital of the United States.

“As a native Marylander, it is gratifying that the Governor is prioritizing innovative businesses started in Maryland that impact the world. MNS Group exists to service businesses both here in Maryland and beyond to keep them secure, to help them grow through the smart deployment of relevant technologies and to help them maximize their bottom line.” Said CEO Toby Musser.

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Created to protect the most high-risk organizations in the world, Cyberbit Ltd. secures enterprises and critical infrastructure against advanced cyberthreats. The company’s battle-hardened cybersecurity solutions detect, analyze and respond to the most advanced, complex and targeted threats. Cyberbit employs a formidable and diverse team from both the public and private sector, including PhDs, hackers, former CISOs and SOC managers, as well as seasoned veterans of the intelligence and military communities. Cyberbit has offices in Texas, Munich, Singapore and Israel, and worldwide presence. It is a subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: ESLT). To learn more about how Cyberbit maximizes protection against today’s signature-less threats, visit

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