Content Management

Content Management

Content management is a nebulous term. When we refer to content management we are talking about monitoring the content of your network activity—websites, email, instant messaging, and the like.

Website Content Monitoring

Website content monitoring filters out and blocks websites that are either inappropriate or not pertinent to the daily work and purpose of your business. It also filters out malicious content and websites that normal anti-virus and anti-spyware programs may miss.

Network Activity Monitoring

Network activity monitoring keeps track of employee use of network resources. This type of monitoring is not to spy on the place but ensures your network is running efficiently. It allows you quickly identify and resolve issues that impact employee performance.

Email Content Filtering

Email content filtering is becoming a critical part of the multi-layered approach to managing security. Not only should spam be filtered, but viruses and spyware can be even coming from outgoing communications. This ensures that you are not inadvertently sharing information that should be secured, such as personally identifiable information of your clients.

Government Regulations

Many industries have specific government regulations and industry standards that limit what is appropriate to send in an unencrypted or unsecured format. Proper filtering for outgoing email catches content before your organization becomes liable for an employee mistake.

Instant Messaging

Corporate instant messaging is being rapidly adopted. Tools such as Skype and Lync are now becoming widespread. But with the great benefits of rapid communication also come the risks of information getting into the wrong hands. By logging messages, the system provides a way for employees to look up past conversations and recover information that would otherwise be lost. It also provides good business records in cases where mistakes or abuse need to be documented.

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