Security Auditing

Security Auditing

Many managed service providers use the free security audit or network assessment as a tool to get their foot in the door and expose issues that should be addressed. This is not a bad thing. However, it points to an underlying issue that is rampant across the managed service industry—most managed service providers do not have the depth of experience to maintain a consistent audit and review process to keep you protected.

Security for Peripherals

The days of just patching Windows in a few third-party applications are long gone. Hundreds of security issues are released every day in numerous programs and even in devices that you normally wouldn’t consider security risks, such as switches and copiers. Many printers now include as much intelligence as small computers, and they have the security flaws to match.

Continual Audit and Review

We continually audit and review your network for security problems. Then we update executive action and remediation plans so that you know the risks and can choose how to address them. No surprises.


We don’t merely detect problems—we also fix them at the root. To keep your network secure, we come up with a remediation plan for whatever issues we identify. Our strategic methods will:

  • address the specific kind of breach detected
  • be appropriate for your particular industry
  • restore the integrity of your network system
  • assist with a notification plan for any affected people
  • plug the holes so issues don’t recur

Full Security

Security Man illustration

Do you want your network to be as well protected as our Security Man hero? Contact us to learn more.