Travel, Temps, and Tempests, OH MY! Take Steps to Keep Tech Tip Top

Travel, Temps, and Tempests, OH MY! Take Steps to Keep Tech Tip Top

It’s summer! That means extreme weather, outdoor time, and travel. All of this can be hard on your tech equipment. Take a few actions to safeguard your valuable resources.

Take Steps to Stay Connected

Storms May Interrupt Summer Work- and fun
Hurricanes, thunderstorms, and a reliance on air conditioning that taxes the power grids can cause outages and increase the risk of power surges. To prevent any potential damage from power surges, it’s essential that all your PCs or servers are connected to UPS devices. That’s the battery backup that kicks in during power outages. Check the integrity of your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS); make sure the light on the UPS is working properly. You can also unplug the UPS from the power source to see if it will still power your computer without external electricity.

Did you test and find the UPS is not working? Plan to replace the UPS as soon as possible. Simply power down and unplug your device before leaving for the day, especially if bad weather is expected. If you are one of our clients and need advice regarding a new UPS, just open a ticket via your portal or email and we will happily help you choose one!

Keep Connected with Your Hot Spot
Power outages often interrupt internet connectivity, even after the power returns! As a stopgap until service can be restored, consider using your phone as a hotspot to get connected and be able to work again.

Speaking of Heat….

Technology and high heat are not compatible. When your laptop, phone, or device is exposed to direct sunlight or placed in a hot environment (like a car) it can overheat, leading to battery damage, component melting, and even system shutdown. This can happen faster than you think, even half an hour in a hot car in sleep mode can cause problems with your PC! To ensure you have access to your devices when you need them, power down devices when not in use, find some shade, and keep it cool.

Travel To-Dos Before You Go

When traveling, we usually take care to secure our wallets and valuables; have you taken defensive measures to safeguard your tech property as well?

Here are are a few important tips:

  • Resist the temptation to charge devices via public USP ports. Travel takes its toll on battery life, making it tempting, but it can leave you open to “juice jacking,” which can steal your information, lock your device and export personal data and passwords that can then be so used to access online accounts or sell it to bad actors. DO pack the power block and cable that was sold with your phone or device or carry a portable battery pack.
  • Do not connect to the free Wi-Fi! Avoid getting hacked and instead, connect to your phone’s hotspot.
  • Pack protective cases for devices. These are sold for the express purpose of keeping out elements like water, sand, dust, and dirt before you head out on your adventures, and at the very least resealable plastic bags. If items do get wet? Choose silica gel packs over rice to draw out moisture.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and others observing activities on your screens over your shoulder. 
  • Have MFA implemented over all your services like email, social media, and banking.
  • Lock your devices if you step away for even a moment.
  • Never hand your phone or device to anyone, even if they offer to “help” you to pay them for their services via Venmo, PayPal, etc.
  • Secure your devices in locked drawers, or a hotel safe if you are not taking them with you.

Enjoy a stress-free summer by taking a few moments to make some preparations for your tech equipment.