Why Choose Managed Network Services Group?

Why Choose Managed Network Services Group?

There are lots of companies that offer managed network services. Here’s what makes us different.

The Human Cloud

The Right People at the Right Time

MNS Group is your Human Cloud

Many businesses have transitioned from dedicated, on-site equipment to cloud solutions for their many benefits. Gone are the days of one-for-one replacement of old servers. With cloud servers, you have access to resources that scale on demand as your business grows.

We deliver IT services the same way. We call ourselves the Human Cloud because our business model offers the same benefits:


We scale with you, providing the right number of technicians for the job. We’re there when you need us, and we’re not increasing your overhead when you don’t.


Our per-person pricing easily adapts as your business adjusts to market conditions. We call this our living contract.

Expanded Capacity

Our team is always available, giving you peace of mind, whether we’re handling a large project or enhancing your team as necessary.

Living Contract

Living Contract

We Scale with You

Our service as the human cloud isn’t just up in the air—it’s written down on paper too. Our living contracts are designed to meet your company’s needs. You won’t get locked into a relationship that doesn’t fit. Enjoy a flexible contract that can change each month as your business grows or consolidates. Our customer experience is like having an on-demand IT department. We’re there when you need us, and we’re not in your way when you don’t.

Process-Based Service

Process-Based Service

Consistent Customer Experience

Our human service is consistently exceptional because we’re process-based. Everything we do has a process that’s been refined and proven. We continually apply a variance of Lean Six Sigma to improve team performance. This ensures we’re always using the best practices. And that means your customer experience is always what you expect, no matter who in our company you’re working with.

For example, we use a closed-loop ticketing system to track issues. When you put a ticket in, we’ll update you on every action we take. By checking your ticket portal, you’ll always know the status of your problem and be part of the process. This takes out the stress and mystery about what’s happening. No need to wonder about progress. Our processes are efficient and transparent.

World Class Results

World-Class Results

Top-Notch Service Without the Expense

We take a “business first” approach to technology, providing the support to help your business thrive. Our team has both the expertise and the enterprise tools to serve your company with world-class results. We treat each client with the same protocol established for banks and high-security institutions. Leverage our know-how and $1M worth of software licenses—and your small to mid-size business will benefit just like the big ones.

Our Playbook

Want to learn more about working with MNS Group? Get our playbook, and you’ll discover:

  • The key areas we assess to ensure our services align with your needs
  • The levels we offer to build your custom solution
  • How to get started
  • How we deliver customer support and satisfaction

Our Partnerships

Amazon Web Services logo

Amazon Web Services

Amazon is the leader in Cloud computing, but for most businesses their pricing is confusing, their migration path is challenging, and their support is limited. We help you migrate effectively and painlessly. Take advantage of the Cloud to expand your business.

Secure your network.

Our security stack offers the best, up-to-date security products, and we help you implement them with 24/7/365 local, US-based support. Find out how to keep your company safe from constant threats.

HP Partner One logo

HP Partner One

HP is an industry leader for IT equipment and is committed to supporting businesses just like we are. Our partnership provides exceptional service to businesses that want quality products and customized support.

Microsoft logo

Businesses run on Microsoft.

Not everyone can just call up Microsoft and get the help they need. We are Microsoft Gold Partners- we have direct access to high level engineers. Take advantage of our partnership to get the best software, learning tools, and support.

VMware logo

VMWARE Partner

VMware is the leader in virtualization and private cloud management. Discover new solutions with our deep experience. Access them through our partnership with VMware.

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