Information Technology Consulting Services

Information Technology Consulting Services

Are your IT processes producing ideal business outcomes?

For many companies, the answer is “no.” While IT teams can maintain existing technology and effectively respond to emergencies, one key component is missing: alignment with long-term business strategies. At MSN Group, we’ve developed a Six Sigma-based IT consulting solution to help jump-start specific projects, conduct through reviews of existing processes and increase overall efficiency. Here’s how it works.

Consulting: The New IT Process

Historically, IT and line-of-business processes were separate entities; information technology was a necessary cost center rather than strategic partner. But the evolution of cloud-based and data-driven technologies has changed the value of IT processes and projects. Now, these initiatives can help drive business growth, empower digital transformation and future-proof corporate investments.

Asking the Right Questions

It’s one thing to know that IT now offers enhanced business value, and another to effectively manage this development. This is the role of MSN Group’s information technology consulting services — to determine where IT processes align with business objectives, where they can be improved and what specific steps can be taken to improve results. Our consulting process starts with three key questions:

  • Are IT and management aligned? What’s the mandate of your IT department? Of your C-suite? Our consultants determine where overlap exists and where there’s room for improvement.
  • Are current processes sufficient? Once IT is aligned with business strategy, it’s time for a deeper look at processes: Do IT departments have the tools, technology and time they need to develop robust and reliable processes?
  • What’s the end result? With strategies and systems in place, what’s next for IT? Our technology consulting teams can help identify the “big questions” your team needs to tackle to improve total business value.

Finding the Answers

At MSN Group, we’ve designed our IT consulting process to provide actionable results ASAP. We’re here to find what’s holding you back, where to make impactful changes and regularly re-evaluate outcomes to ensure you’re getting the best value for your IT investments.

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