Outsourced IT Staffing Solutions

Outsourced IT Staffing Solutions

Your IT staff is busy. From handling software upgrades, hardware issues and mobile device integration to managing new technology initiatives, they’re always working — and often looking for more hands to help lighten the workload. The challenge? Many small businesses can’t afford large IT departments, let alone spend more on hiring new personnel. The solution? Small-business IT outsourcing that lets your team tap the knowledge of industry-certified experts and tackle your toughest technology problems.

The Convenience Factor of Outsourcing

Maybe you’re rolling out a new technology solution — such as a cloud-based CRM service or data analytics suite — and need to get it done ASAP. Or, maybe your small business is rapidly growing, prompting a need for more e-commerce and website support. Hiring and training new staff is both costly and time consuming, especially if you’re not sure how much long-term work is available. Outsourced IT services from MNS Group let you tap the skills you need, when you need them. The result? Increased convenience and improved outcomes.

The Cost Consideration

Small businesses live and die on cost — spending on new IT staff doesn’t make sense if the company can’t bear the expense. Outsourced IT support gives you the ability to select experts for a project or business need, pay for their unique skills, and then return to business as usual. Put simply? You pay for exactly what you need.

Special IT Staffing Services

Looking to outsource your technology department? Not all IT outsourcing companies are the same. At MNS Group, we offer benefits not common in the industry. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to:

  • Assist in technical job placement
  • Provide overflow and staff augmentation services
  • Offer support training
  • Make guarantees not available from normal staffing agencies

Most managed service providers do not provide these staffing services — our “human cloud” is designed to provide the right people with the right skills at the right time for your company.

Ongoing IT Staffing Support

At MNS Group, we’ve designed our IT staffing solutions to go above and beyond your expectations. We coach and train each technical person placed, to ensure he or she succeeds in his or her specific role with your company. In addition, this support is available for any member of your existing technical team.

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