About Cloud Services

About Cloud Services

Migrating to the cloud keeps your business competitive. But with so many companies touting expertise in cloud services, how do you choose the best partner? What does the transition from existing technology to cloud-based solutions look like, and how do you maximize IT investment value? Let’s dig in.

Broad Expertise in Cloud Platform Solutions

Cloud computing is more than just “renting” someone else’s server. You want a cloud computing services partner with expertise in all aspects of cloud services, including:

  • On-Demand Resource Management — Are compute resources available when you need them? Can potential cloud solutions providers scale up or down on demand as required?
  • Software-Side Server Infrastructure — SaaS solutions now dominate the software market. Look for a cloud partner with expertise in managing all aspects of software/server interactions.
  • Operating System — What OS do you prefer to run in the cloud? The right provider offers support for multiple operating systems to ensure you’re always in control.
  • User Access — Who has access to your cloud? What permissions do they have? Opt for cloud solutions that offer granular control over devices and users.
  • Security Patching — Stay up to date with partners that offer automation security updates.
  • Hybrid Solutions – Perhaps you are looking to extend your on-premise environment rather than replace it? Choose a partner with experience in implementing secure, fast hybrid environments.

Exploring Cloud Solution Options

Not all cloud solutions are the same. Consider these key areas when evaluating potential providers.

  • Security — Look for robust security services backed by SLA guarantees in case of a data breach.
  • ROI — Best bet? Transition to cloud services as needed with a trusted partner to maximize ROI.
  • Metrics and Support — What monitoring and support options does your provider offer? Good data means better management, which means reduced total cost.

Transitioning to the Cloud

We’ll help you transition from in-house physical servers or virtual infrastructure to outsourced infrastructure, and guide you through the selection process of which cloud server is the best fit for your business. To empower this process, we’ve partnered with top-tier services including:

  • Amazon — AWS offers 99.999 percent durability along with top-tier flexibility and security, and our partnership with Amazon helps you achieve the ideal cost-to-performance ratio.
  • Microsoft — As one of the first Microsoft partners, we can help you implement any cloud-based service including SharePoint, Office 365 and Skype.

Cloud Certification

Our technicians receive regular education and certification, and we use the same cloud services we recommend — so you know you are getting expert advice. In addition, MNS Group has earned an industry reputation for superior project management and excellent support.

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