IT Risk Management at MNS Group

IT Risk Management at MNS Group

The days of patching Windows in a few third-party applications are gone. Hundreds of security issues are now released every day across numerous programs and even in devices that you normally wouldn’t consider security risks, such as switches and copiers. For example, many printers now include as much intelligence as small computers — and have the security flaws to match — while wearable devices act as potential fast tracks to critical network services.

As a result, you need an IT risk management framework that provides upfront analysis of security issues, advanced threat protection and ongoing threat detection. At MNS Group, we’ve developed a three-step process to help safeguard your system: audit, review and remediate.

Holding the Line

Many managed service providers use the hook of a “free” security audit or network assessment to get their foot in the door and expose issues that should be addressed. The problem is, it points to an underlying issue that is rampant across the managed service industry — most managed service providers do not have the depth of experience to maintain a consistent audit and review process to keep you protected.

Ideally, internal audits form the “third line” of IT defense, behind business best practices and the tools necessary to safeguard network endpoints. The right provider should conduct full network security assessments and then offer a concrete, comprehensive plan moving forward: What needs to change? What should be monitored? What behaviors are indicators of compromise?

Continual Audit

At MNS Group, we start with a thorough audit of your current IT risk management profile. What’s working? Where are systems at risk, and what specific problems must be addressed? But that’s just the beginning. We’re constantly evaluating your system to see how changes impact outcomes, and new security measures affect overall protection.

Regular Review

The next step is regular review. This means digging deeper into existing systems to determine if current security measures are doing enough to deflect potential threats. Think of it like a check-up — taking time to test specific network features and determine if they’re working as intended. Threat detection is also critical. Regular analysis of your network for potential threats can help catch attacks before they start, and limit the impact of attacks in progress.

Relevant Remediation

We don’t simply detect problems — our managed services also fix them at the root. To keep your network secure, we’ve developed an advanced threat protection and remediation plan for whatever issues we identify. If we discover issues that require intervention, our methods will:

  • Address the Specific Breach — General security hygiene isn’t always enough. If we detect a specific threat, we deploy a targeted fix for the problem.
  • Be Industry-Appropriate — Compliance varies across industries and organizations; our solutions ensure you remain in compliance with all necessary regulations.
  • Restore Integrity — It’s not enough to remediate if your network isn’t restored to its original state. We can help.
  • Assist With Notification — If you are required to notify customers or stakeholders when your network was compromised, MNS can help design an effective notification strategy.
  • Plug the Holes — If hackers succeeded once, they’ll try again. We plug the holes they used so you can’t be victimized the same way twice.

Full Security

From audits to review and remediation, it’s our mission at MNS Group to provide full security coverage.

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