Network Assessment

Network Assessment

Here is a list of reports you get with our network assessment service.

Client Risk Summary Report

This report summarizes your network’s overall risk score based on the scan, and provides simple charts to show problem areas. The purpose of this report is to identify specific risk areas, what they mean, and to provide a tool to start planning remedies. We’ll work with you to address each problem area and propose appropriate solutions.

Full Network Assessment Report

Our scan will pull out literally hundreds of pages of end-user network activity and configuration data. The Full Network Assessment Report includes every detail, presented in line-item fashion in an editable report document. The report is organized by section with a table of contents to help locate the specific findings of interest, and problem areas are conveniently highlighted, making it easy to spot individual problems to be rectified.

Network Site Diagram

We’ll create a site diagram that breaks down and categorizes all of the assets available on the network. The schematic shows the basic network structure, with convenient drill downs into each group of like workstations. Each device is annotated with important identifying configuration information and is color-coded based on its status.

Asset Detail Report

This report provides detailed information on each of the individual assets discovered. The report is ideal for cataloging and documenting the complete settings and configurations for individual workstations and servers.

Network Comparison Assessment Report

A computer network is a dynamic, constantly changing environment. And a Network Assessment is only a snapshot of the network status at the time the assessment is run. That’s why we include a valuable Network Comparison Assessment Report. Every time you run an assessment on a given network, our software generates a unique encrypted data file containing all the findings. This report compares the results of any two network scans, and highlights everything that has changed.

Our voluntary annual assessment with the AICPA demonstrates our commitment to continual improvement. This extra insurance gives peace of mind to customers who need a reliable network assessment partner.

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