Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

The Application Advantage — App Development From MNS Group

If you don’t have a reliable, native mobile application for your business, you’re falling behind. From customer-facing apps that empower purchasing or service to end-user portals that provide access to HR or payroll infrastructure, mobile app development powers the new business network.

For many organizations, however, the prospect of developing a reliable Web app in-house is daunting — IT teams often have their hands full dealing with legacy services, new cloud deployments and the rollout of effective BYOD policies. The solution? Reducing both overall cost and time to market by leveraging the services of a mobile app development company that can both meet your current needs and design applications to evolve with your business needs.

The MNS Group Advantage for Mobile App Development

At MNS Group, we’ve built a team of experts capable of both assessing your mobile needs and offering mobile app development services that exceed your expectations. We provide end-to-end coverage: Our team builds, tests, deploys and offers continual support for custom software applications. And it doesn’t stop there. We’re constantly perfecting our development process, so you get smarter software without any hassles.

To ensure we’re delivering the best app development for your money, we’ve developed a three-step process for success:

Shape your idea — We work with you to think through the details of your idea. We use product roadmaps, wireframes, mockups and user stories to make sure it’s your best fit.

Build your application — We focus on stress-free software development. We use best-of-breed agile development processes to deliver exceptional project management — and code — to your business.

Improve your application — Once your product launches, we’ll continue to build features and support the application as necessary.

What to Expect

Superior results with minimal frustration — that’s our app development mandate. We work to meet these goals using key processes, including:

Direct Communication — When you work with us and our partners, you have access to the designers and developers working on your project. You can connect with the web and mobile developers who best understand your project.

High Levels of Organization — Whether creating software, mobile applications or web applications, our app developers and designers are highly organized, ensuring you have a transparent view of exactly where your project stands at all times.

Careful Planning — Before we begin, we ensure we have thoroughly defined the work, leading to better, more effective software for you.

The Best Code — Our team follows best practices including using source code control, behavior- and test-driven development, pair programming, continuous integration, and more.

Continued Support for App Maintenance

As a leading mobile app development company, we know that it’s not enough to simply design an app, secure your approval and send it into the wild. Common platforms such as iOS and Android are constantly receiving updates and improvements, meaning continued support for mobile applications is just as important as initial design.

Consider an application that offers superior functionality and performance out of the gate, but suddenly develops random crashes or stops working altogether after an OS update. You (and your users) can’t afford to wait on mobile app fixes — at MNS Group, our mobile app development services include long-term support to ensure your applications grow and evolve with your business.

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