Enterprise Content Management Services

Enterprise Content Management Services

Content management is a nebulous term. When we refer to content management, we’re talking about monitoring all content of your network activity. This includes websites, email and instant messaging — with a focus on security compliance, auditing and oversight.

Website Content Monitoring

Website content monitoring filters and blocks websites that are either inappropriate or not pertinent to the daily work and purpose of your business. It also filters malicious content and websites that normal anti-virus and anti-spyware programs may miss. Our website content monitoring tools give IT staff the ability to set specific approval criteria, discover if users are attempting to access blocked content, and adapt website policies to meet the changing needs of your business.

Network Activity Monitoring

Network activity monitoring keeps track of employee use of network resources. The goal here isn’t to “spy” on users activities, but determine if your network is running efficiently and discover ways to improve performance. For example, our network activity monitor lets IT quickly track down user issues with specific services or provide an auditable trail in the event staff members accidentally compromise network security. Our network monitoring tools also let you quickly identify and resolve issues that impact employee performance.

Email Content Filtering

Email content filtering is becoming a critical part of the multi-layered approach to managing security. Not only should spam be filtered, but email solutions must also check for spam and malware, given the rise of zero-day exploits and advanced phishing campaigns. This ensures that you are not inadvertently sharing information that should be secured, such as personally identifiable information of your clients. In addition, email content filtering limits the chance that malicious attachments will be downloaded and opened on your network.

Government Regulations

Many industries have specific government regulations and industry standards that limit what is appropriate to send in an unencrypted or unsecured format. Proper filtering for outgoing email catches content before your organization becomes liable for an employee mistake. In addition, automatic encryption provides clear, auditable proof that companies are following compliance standards and taking all reasonable precautions to secure critical data.

Instant Messaging

Corporate instant messaging is being rapidly adopted; tools such as Skype and Teams are now widespread. With the great benefits of rapid communication also come the risks of information getting into the wrong hands. Content management tools ensure that all messages are logged, providing a way for employees to look at past conversations or recover information that would otherwise be lost, and allowing admins to quickly pull up histories in the event of a security incident or audit. Instant message monitoring also provides access to a cache of business records in cases where user mistakes or network privilege abuses need to be documented.

At MNS Group, it’s our mission to provide content management services that provide maximum control and visibility while reducing overall complexity. Ready to take control of your network activity? Contact us to learn more about content management.