Cyber Security Management Services

Cyber Security Management Services

Cyber security is a challenge worldwide. As noted by a recent study, of 134 countries surveyed, half had no cyber security solutions in place. More worrisome? There’s no global standard for cyber security, making it difficult for nations to find solid ground. Enterprise C-suites and IT managers face the same challenges, minus the government resources: Securing data in a world where hackers are constantly one step ahead and security standards are works in progress.

Historically, companies have responded to this challenge by hiring more staff and bumping up training budgets. Yet in a digital world dominated by ever-changing cloud technology and adaptable threat vectors, it’s time for a new solution: Expert, outsourced IT security services.

IT Cyber Security Solutions

How critical is cyber security to the success of enterprise initiatives? Think about it like this — there’s no facet of your organization that isn’t impacted by IT services. There are obvious links between accounting and technology services and the need for IT oversight when it comes to managing mobile devices. However, that’s just the beginning. Now, human resource departments are using cloud-based solutions to manage personnel and recruit new staff; marketers are mining social data to improve product campaigns; and executive staff rely on data analytics tools for long-term decision-making strategies.

The common denominator? Everything depends on an existing IT product, a custom-built tech solution or emerging technology that could take your business to the next level. Nonetheless, increasing integration demands effective IT security management. If cloud apps aren’t properly secured, remote access points don’t properly authenticate, or databases are compromised by hackers, the results are disastrous for your organization.

The Enterprise Impact of Cyber Security

What happens if enterprise networks are breached, data is lost or customer records are compromised? Organizations can expect three typical outcomes:

  • Upfront security costs — The average cost of a data breach is just over $3.6 million per organization, while stolen records cost $141. Even one network breach per year could mean the difference between profit and loss. Once hackers know your system is vulnerable, they’re more likely to try again.
  • Public relations problems — Customers are more tech-savvy than ever. While they’re willing to provide personal information to access e-commerce and website services, they won’t let data breaches slide. Both human error and technological failure lead to the same outcome: Consumers taking their business elsewhere.
  • Long-term disruptions — Paying to clean systems and restore records is a substantial cost, but it doesn’t stop there. IT teams must ensure networks aren’t prone to another breach while also ramping up efforts to detect and defeat attacks before they happen.

External Cyber Security Management

The result? Enterprises are now working with IT security companies to bring on cyber security consultants with the experience and expertise to manage current defenses, suggest new strategies and respond in real time. For many organizations, the push for outsourced IT network security stems from a need to scale on demand and adapt to changing market conditions. At MNS Group, we call it the “Human Cloud” — the right people at the right time to manage your security needs right now. As a leading cyber security service provider, our living contract and process-based service provide the level of IT excellence you need, combined with the flexibility you want to maximize impact and manage IT costs.

Enterprise cyber security is changing. Make sure you’re ready to protect your assets and defend your data with expert IT outsourcing.

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