Amazon Cloud Services

Amazon Cloud Services

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is designed for flexibility and security. Consider migrating to AWS before investing in additional servers and network equipment.

AWS is extremely scalable and highly reliable. It enables deployment of applications and data quickly and securely. AWS can be used to enhance and extend capabilities or to replace them. Existing infrastructure can be linked via Virtual Private Network to the elastic, scalable resources available from the AWS Cloud.

The speed of operations can be increased by running high performance computing in the cloud. Instant access to globally located servers and storage is available with no up-front cost. Storage services with AWS are designed to provide 99.9999% durability, so data and backups are protected. Security concerns and mediation require a layered approach similar to any data center.

For customers who require additional security measures to comply with government and industry regulations and standards, AWS provides all of the tools you need.

The depth and breadth of services and options in the Amazon Cloud provide great flexibility and require experience to configure properly for maximum value.

Our Partnership with Amazon

We decided to partner with AWS not because they are the largest cloud computing provider but because they consistently rank the best in the field. They have the resources to offer the best cost-to-performance ratio. Many organizations find it difficult to work directly with AWS—their pricing is complex, migration and security issues are challenging, and direct support is tailored to experts. AWS understands they need a strong partner network to successfully reach the small and mid-sized business market.

As an AWS Registered Partner we have the tools to assess the benefits and the risks of migrating your business to the cloud and the experience to plan and execute a full or hybrid cloud migration. We are proud to be an early AWS Partner and are ready to equip your business effectively use the Amazon Web Services.

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