Network Performance Monitoring

Network Performance Monitoring

Your network is the foundation of all other IT services. From cloud computing to big data, effective security to ease-of-use, everything depends on the performance and protection of your network.

The challenge is corporate networks are rapidly becoming more complex as mobile device use ramps up and cloud-based endpoints are added to your digital framework. Add the growing number of malware attacks from both profit-motivated and hacktivist groups, and it becomes critical for companies to have real-time, reliable access to network status, performance and potential security issues.

For many businesses, however, implementing an in-house network monitoring system capable of meeting these challenges is both cost and time prohibitive. At MNS Group, we’ve developed network security monitoring services that offer comprehensive, agile protection without breaking your budget.

Start Your Network Monitoring and Analysis With MNS Group

Our experts work with your IT team to deploy the ideal set of network monitoring solutions, including:

Network Analysis

By constantly monitoring your network, we spot problems before they cause damage and data loss. Real-time oversight of existing and new endpoints and connections ensures you’re never in the dark.


We don’t just handle technology — we monitor it on a regular basis, providing peace of mind.

Time-Based Analytics

Our continual analysis provides key data on your company’s trends. We look at short, medium, and long-term usage of software and network equipment.


It’s our goal to ensure your long-term success. Expert insights help technology strategies and investments align closely with your business goals, and provide clear goals to help maximize network performance.

Proactive Protection

What does it take to block the bad guys from messing with your network? Real-time scanning and surveillance. Our network security monitoring tools help detect threats before they cause damage and remediate any negative outcomes.

Why Us for Network System Monitoring?

Reliable network security monitoring doesn’t happen in a vacuum. That’s why we’re constantly improving our service and investing in critical development strategies such as:


The latest and best to assist our engineers. Technology is constantly evolving, and so are we — by arming our staff with the best hardware and software available, they’re better able to meet your needs.


Continuing education to keep our staff sharp. Threat vectors and network performance standards are not static — regular training helps keep our staff innovative and motivated.


At MNS Group, our network monitoring solutions aren’t “fire and forget” — we take time to consider your needs over the short and long term, providing improved network protection at every stage of the technology life cycle.


We don’t merely detect problems; we fix them at the root. To keep your network secure, we create a remediation plan for any issues we identify. Our strategic methods will:

  • Address the specific kind of breach detected
  • Ensure appropriate response methods and times for your industry
  • Restore the integrity of your network system
  • Assist with a notification plan for any affected people
  • Plug security holes so issues don’t recur
  • Secure your business by securing your network

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