Living Contracts

Living Contracts

Our service agreements reflect our mission to support humans!

The heart behind the living contract is the relationship we build with you and your company. These living agreements are functional, flexible, and flow with the beats of your company’s needs.

Try Us Out

Make the initial commitment to partner with us for 3–6 months. If you’re not satisfied, you don’t have to continue.

Discover the Issues

We start by assessing the problems you already know you have. Often this is the tip of the iceberg. Our real value comes from uncovering problems you didn’t know were lurking beneath the surface.

Relax with the “Out Clause”

We don’t lock you into a 2–3 year commitment. You can cancel at any time with 30-days notice.

Expand with Flexible Scaling

Our contract shrinks and grows as your business changes. If you need to staff up, our per-position-pricing scales with you.

Benefit from Team Commitment

Take advantage of having an entire team dedicated to your company’s IT needs. Unlike an IT staff person, our team doesn’t call in sick, schedule vacation, or add to your HR overhead. Trust our group to provide uninterrupted excellent support.