Managed Security Services Provider

Managed Security Services Provider

At MNS Group, we’ve earned certifications as both a Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). Think of us like two companies in one: We offer the technical expertise of an MSP combined with the security focus of an MSSP.

Best of Both Worlds with MSP & MSSP

Why does it matter if your managed services provider also handles security? Because we are both MSP and MSSP, we’re able to manage the security of your company actively and proactively. First, our experts prepare systems so they’re less susceptible to attack, enabling us to discover potential issues before they develop into larger problems. Then we actively monitor your system in real time, giving us the ability to counter emerging threats.

Key Managed Security Services

We offer these core services 24/7, every day of the year.

  • IT security information and event management — What’s happening on your network right now? Our managed IT services coupled with security expertise gives you complete visibility.
  • Intrusion prevention and detection — Our advanced IT managed services let us detect emerging threats and prevent unwanted network intrusion.
  • Application security — Mobile apps, Web apps, desktop apps — your company runs on applications. We safeguard these apps against malicious or accidental compromise.
  • Next generation firewalls — Endpoint firewalls are no longer sufficient in a cloud-based world. Our next-gen firewalls inspect all incoming traffic, even if it’s SSL encrypted from whitelisted sites.
  • Endpoint protection — User endpoints are rapidly proliferating thanks to the uptick of mobile devices. Secure these potential points of compromise with our help.
  • Data loss prevention — Data is the lifeblood of your organization. Our data loss prevention tools help detect potentially harmful network behavior and stop data loss before it starts.
  • Web proxy and URL filtering — Not all URLs are legitimate, and not all proxies are benign. Our filtering tools reduce the risk of getting spoofed.
  • Vulnerability management — All code contains vulnerabilities, from zero-day threats to open source issues and emerging weaknesses. We help identify and manage network vulnerabilities to limit your total risk.
  • Threat hunting — Why wait for attackers to make the first move? Instead, leverage our expertise to hunt down new threats before they cause havoc.


Master MSSP

As a Master Managed Security Services Provider, we also offer these security services to other smaller MSPs, partnering with them to help improve their client relationships.

Benefits of the Extra “S”

That extra “s” makes a big difference, giving us the ability to pair experience in managed cloud services with high-level expertise in security deployment and remediation — as a result, MNS Group has been recognized for our best practices in managed security services.

Ready to discover the combined benefits of MSP and MSSPs, and increase security for both your company and its clients?

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