Vendor Coordination

Vendor Coordination

Keeping track of vendors, their responsibilities and their contract status can be time-consuming. 89 different vendors access the average company’s network every week, and 71 percent of businesses believe this number will increase. More worrisome: Just 35 percent of IT decision-makers said they were confident in the exact number of vendors who have access.

The confusion makes sense. Cloud-driven markets combined with increasing consumer expectations have created a host of specialty vendors, and companies need to leverage the right ones in the right combination to stay competitive. The challenge? Effective vendor coordination — ensuring all vendors are meeting expectations, following security protocols and resolving problems ASAP.

MNS Group can help.

Broad Spectrum

As cloud technologies have evolved from outliers to essential components of business networks, the market has exploded with niche vendors — everything from software to security, communications to hardware support can now be outsourced to third parties. More tech vendors mean more complexity, in turn costing you time and money to manage. At MNS Group, we collaborate with clients to manage all vendor relationships that touch technology, including:

  • Phone systems
  • Audio/visual
  • Computer systems
  • Servers
  • Cloud services
  • Security systems
  • Video surveillance

Put simply, if you’re partnered with a technology vendor, we can help — our vendor management solutions are technology-agnostic and focus on getting you the best return for your investment.

Quality Assurance

Vendor relationship management requires the ability to effectively work with corporate technology providers while simultaneously holding them to account with exacating documentation. Ultimately, you’re paying for a unique set of services to meet your business needs, and you shouldn’t have to accept less than the gold standard because of vendor sprawl.

MNS Group manages all contracts and ensure that vendors provide what they promised. We coordinate with multiple vendors to ensure the most resource- and time-efficient solutions are implemented across your network. When problems occur, we coordinate with the appropriate vendor to resolve the issues, allowing you to stay focused on what’s most important to your business.

You selected your vendors based on reputation and service standards — make sure you get what you’re paying for with vendor coordination solutions from MNS Group.

Ready to reduce vendor management complexity and increase productivity? Let’s get started.