Intel–McAfee Cloud Security

Intel–McAfee Cloud Security

Our Partnership with Intel-McAfee

As an Intel Security Partner we offer our clients the best security products available, combined with 24/7/365 local, US-based support. With Intel’s purchase of the McAfee, MXLogic, and Nitro security products, they have the resources and commitment to stay ahead, even as the sophistication of threats increases. The best security is only as good as its implementation. As part of our layered security model, Intel consistently delivers a better end user experience along with engineering excellence. Our partnership with Intel provides us the training and tools to fully support the constantly changing security needs of our clients.

Key Features of Intel­–McAfee’s SaaS Email Security

  • Perimeter IP filtering
  • Advanced spam, graymail, and fraud protection
  • Layered virus and worm scanning
  • Email attack protection
  • Filtering and policy enforcement for outbound messages and attachments
  • Group policy management
  • Optional continuity and encryption
  • Easy-to-use web interface

Protecting Your Business’ Network

Is your business’ network:

  • Always on?
  • Always connected?
  • Always secure?
  • Reliable?
  • Affordable?
  • Simple?

Are you unsure of the answers for these questions?

In an ideal world each network device—such as a switch, router, wireless access point, or server—would be monitored. Thresholds would be set for normal usage so that your support team would automatically be notified if something started to go wrong. The investment in this type of monitoring is usually expensive—and it’s only as good as the people who are charged with watching for alerts and responding to them.

Many times we see people move to the cloud (Amazon, Rackspace, etc.) and think that just because they are renting someone else’s server, that’s sitting somewhere else, then monitoring and maintenance are also taken care of. This is not true, and does not occur for the types of issues that impact day-to-day performance and issues.

We can help start and maintain your business’ network. Every business wants their network to be transparent. We know just how to make things work, and in a way that does not compromise security, access, and functionality.

Our professionals deliver technology support services for businesses of all sizes. Let us help you create a baseline for your system, and help keep it running while staying in the background of your business.