Golden Box: Benefits of Standardized Network Setup

Golden Box: Benefits of Standardized Network Setup

When we start working with a new client, we set up certain procedures and work flows to maximize the benefits of the partnership.  We call this established system of best practices our Golden Box. Everything is cleaned up and secured into a streamlined, organized network.

How You Benefit

  • Lower cost, faster service
    We’re able to serve you more efficiently when there’s an issue because everything in your network has already been standardized.
  • Consistent results
    Our reliable support team is familiar with the configuration standards and how to resolve issues that occur.
  • Improved network security
    You reduce the risk of infections getting into the network when you adhere to best security practices.
  • Minimal business interruptions
    If an issue occurs, our procedures allow for your staff to keep working while we fix the problem.
  • Easier reporting
    When you have to submit documents for security audits, insurance, or any other industry, reports are simpler and more straightforward for you to prepare.
  • Higher profit
    When your employees spend less time working with support, they spend more time working on mission-critical, profit-making activities.

For Example

  • Password policy
    We implement a consistent policy to address password complexity and frequency of change.
  • Program installation
    We establish guidelines on how much freedom users have on their own computers, such as allowing them to install programs without going through an IT approval process.
  • Business continuity
    If an employee’s computer crashes, they will be able to keep working from another computer because we’ve standardized the whole company’s network.
  • Defining expectations
    We explain how you put a support ticket in and how we assess the issue. These parameters clarify expectations about communication in the partnership.

Everyone’s Safe in the Box

Our Golden Box ensures that policies and procedures are applied to every single computer and user in your company. This includes all levels, from upper management to the employee. It’s important for your staff to understand why the Golden Box is essential. We help you explain to them what’s going to happen and why.

Achieve Your Business Goals

Getting into our Golden Box of standardized procedures will ultimately give you better service at a lower cost. We save you money because you can spend more time working instead of dealing with IT issues. Our clients experience 67% less network problems than the industry average.


Staying in the safe parameters of the box keeps your network running as smoothly as possible. Your business will stay productive and efficient. Now that’s golden.