If your IT guy has a heart attack, would your business survive?

If your IT guy has a heart attack, would your business survive?

If you have a one-person IT department, what happens if he suddenly leaves? Or get’s sick?

Single Point of Failure

We have seen IT professionals suddenly leave for a better job, have an accident, have a heart attack, or exhibit a change in behavior that forced dismissal. All of these scenarios pose threats that can seriously disrupt your business.

Will your business experience a long-term disadvantage if your IT department cannot show up for work tomorrow—or ever again? You are probably buying insurance for risks that are less likely to occur than this.

How to Protect Your Business

  • Confirm that you have written documentation of software licensing, administrative passwords, hardware ownership, warranty expirations, and other crucial information.
  • Make sure you know where your backup files are located. Understand how to access them and be aware of the last time they were tested.
  • Get familiar with your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans.
  • Know where your software is stored. Many businesses have been forced to purchase expensive software over again to restore their network.
  • Schedule monthly reports for routine maintenance.
  • Have a plan to cut off and replace access if your IT person leaves without notification.

We Are First Responders

We have experience in taking over IT in the worst circumstances. Although we prefer to work with organizations to avoid problems, some of our best clients have come to us as a result of a crisis.

If you do not know how to protect your business from the risk your IT department poses, or do not have the bandwidth to proactively manage it, consider hiring a MSP (Managed Service Provider). Businesses like ours bring enterprise-level tools, experience, and processes to small and mid-size businesses.

Looking for a way to reduce the risk technology poses to your business? Start by contacting us today!