MNS Group Gives Back!

MNS Group Gives Back!

The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything that we have faced.  Our way of living, working, and socializing has completely changed overnight.  MNS Group is in awe of the brave men and women in our healthcare system and first responders who are putting their lives on the line each day to protect us.   

So that got us thinking, what can WE do to help?  What can we offer that could make someone’s life easier or provide peace of mind?   

The answer? Our BRAINS.  Yes, our brains.  Over 20 years MNS Group has earned the trust of hundreds of businesses for our technology and business consulting.  So, we’ve decided to pay it forward by creating the MNS Group “Gives Back” initiative which provides free technology advice and consulting for businesses and individuals in need.   

The MNS Group Gives Back program offers services to IT professionals that have been laid off by the way of free resume reviews and advice.  For companies, we are providing a free Dark Web Security Scan to identify any potential security breaches that their businesses may have experienced.  We are also offering a free 60-minute IT consultation that includes 2-hours of helpdesk support for any affected companies.  Lastly, we are partnering with industry associations or community groups to provide helpful content that would be valuable to their communities.   

“Give Back” Services 

  • Free resume advice to any IT professional who has been laid off due to COVID-19 
  • Free Dark Web Security Scan for businesses  
  • Free 60-minute IT consultation and 2-hours of helpdesk support for businesses 
  • Free content for industry associations looking to educate and help their membership 

It is our sincere hope that the MNS Group “Gives Back” initiative will help businesses and individuals to make sound technology decisions during this crisis and beyond.  Giving Back isn’t just a slogan.  It’s how MNS Group can and will make a difference.   

Check out our Gives Back page for resources and more information!

If you are interested in participating or know someone that may please do not hesitate to reach out to us at