Two-Step Verification

Two-Step Verification

Private Info Leaked

You probably heard it in the news last year—the private information of celebrities and other significant people has been leaked onto the Internet.

A primary reason this happens is because individuals respond to emails that seem to be valid. However, they inadvertently end up going through a password change process.

Two-Step Protection

In response to this, many manufacturers and service providers have instituted what is called “two-step verification.”

Two-step verification requires an additional step when you log in. It can be in the form of:

  • A text sent to a trusted device
  • An email sent to a separate email address
  • A special password being required

Major vendors like Microsoft, Google, Apple, IBM, and many national and international banks now offer two-step verification as an option for users.

Choose to Use It

Unfortunately many users are afraid of enabling this safety feature. Although two-step verification is not required, we strongly recommend taking advantage of this protection feature whenever it’s available.

Keep Your Account Secure

Even if you inadvertently give your password to somebody, that password will not work without the second verification. Your account is still secure.