Virtual CIOs for Technology Solutions, Not Problems

Virtual CIOs for Technology Solutions, Not Problems

Ask yourself—what really is embodied by this virtual CIO service everyone claims to have now?

What is a Virtual CIO?

A virtual CIO exists as a valuable asset to most any businesses in need of clear leadership and vision. Many organizations do not carry an enterprise-level technology budget and can benefit from hiring an outside vision to lead their technological efforts—and for those that do, a VCIO meeting should not simply be a computer telling you something.

The Wrong Approach

Too many virtual CIO & CTO services are focused on technological problems, not business solutions. Too many VCIO meetings consist of a regular roll-call of the past day/week/month’s bugs, outages, malware, etc.

The Effective Virtual CIO

Then there are the few VCIOs that take a different approach. Look for one with actual CIO & CTO experience running the technological divisions of companies large & small. Also make sure they have already bested the costly “break-fix” cycle. These are the CIO interactions that can create effective and efficient solutions to strengthen your business going forward.

“Break-Fix” providers make their money every time a patch is put in or a bug is found. But truly effective VCIOs are more concerned with improving your company via technology, rather than finding bugs in the technology itself.