Windows XP to Die April 8th

Windows XP to Die April 8th

Well the end is nigh. April 8th Windows XP will no longer have support from Microsoft. No patches, no free security essentials, just open range for all the ne’er-do-wells on the net to get into your stuff, and ruin your life.

With 26% of the installed user base as of last check, a huge number of people have not made the switch to a newer operating system. Microsoft is feeling the heat. If the whole world suddenly has a massive infection on April 9th, whose name will be dragged through the mud?

Grief Support Tool

Seeing that all the warnings are not having the intended effect, Microsoft has released a few tools to help the slow movers find the needed motivation.

Many people dread switching computers: years of files, photos, bits and pieces of life… What if you forget to move something and do not realize it until the old machine is gone and a part of your digital life is lost forever?

Enter the free PC-Mover app Microsoft is releasing under and agreement with Lap-link software. The free version will move files and settings to a new Microsoft PC (Windows 7 or higher). For a fee, it will even move applications!

This move on Microsoft’s part is just smart PR, and very helpful to end users as well. We have used the enterprise version with great success, and can vouch for its usefulness.

Here is the press release from Microsoft: